Working in the comics and design industries professionally since 1987

Hi, First of all, I would love to Welcome you to my website. Thank you for your visit.

My name is Horton Novak. I’m a professional illustrator, cartoonist and digital artist with more than 20 years’ experience. My fortes are digital Illustration/cartoon, Book Cover design and photo manipulation.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and an undergraduate degree in Advertising and Marketing. I have been working in the comics and design industries professionally since 1987, gathering vast experience in printed, published and electronic media while working with great clients and companies.

I remember to be drawing since I was very young. Accordingly, to my mom, I was a precocious artist; and to prove her point she insists in remind me to this day, that when I was five I created a multicolored “masterpiece” using crayons all over of our recently painted living room walls – in my defense, I never could resist to a blank canvas. Even though, I only first published (comic strips, cartoons and illustrations) in local newspapers and school magazines, a few years later, when I was 12 years old.

Not long after That, I won a competition to illustrate a poem’s book, and I began commissioning jobs, illustrating books, magazine’s articles & websites.

To date, Skeletica (www.skeletica.com ) my most known comic book character has been published in five books collections and debuted on my first-stage play named ” Skeletica and the Cereal Killer’s girl ” (A comic book version of the play will be released in 2013).

Nowadays, I am seriously excited about this opportunity to work with authors on their book cover design needs. This is a natural step in my career, after all as a digital artist and an author myself, I really understand how important a well craft book cover to the writer and their readers. Surely, my love for books and networking is just a very welcome bonus in this path; after all Authors, and their amazing books are my truly my inspiration.

When I’m not creating beautiful cover or drawing I dedicate most of my time to my humble latest passion, writing my debut novel, a Paranormal Romance adventure to be released 2012/2013.

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