Gabriela Rosa's Picture and site material design

Latest Designs – Gabriela Rosa’ s Natural Fertility Breakthrough

Yes, I know it is not a book cover designer,  but  if you had a chance to  look around my website,  you might have realized that even though Book cover design is one of my big fortes,  I also have been working with  illustration and corporate graphic design for quite a while now.  Sometimes I even work as a photographer (not that I consider myself a  professional, more like a designer with an artistic eye : );  and was with that perspective in mind that I have taken this Project. To start I took the shot of Gabriela Rosa, that became the base for her new website and promotional material. It ‘s been a great experience working with Gabriela on her brand, and I would like to share some of  the results of our ongoing partnership.

On the image, some of the material created for the website, from the top down: Website main banner design, Newsletter’s banners, ads for website and newsletters and her final photography

Gabriela is a renowned Naturopath specialized in fertility, and you can learn more about her and her work at


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