Book Cover Design



We know how important your book is to you. After all you’ve spent countless hours researching, writing, editing and perfecting your piece of art. It is understandable that you are passionate about this crucial last element – the all-important cover. It is essential that your book  cover tied up together your core ideas and stand out in the crowd –  for the right reasons.

We are here to make sure the whole process will be as smooth as possible and help you to create the perfect cover for your masterpiece.

“As an Author myself I deeply understand the importance of a well-crafted book cover, either as a showcase of your story or as a selling tool.” – Horton Novak.

Allow us, the privilege and the opportunity to help bring your vision to reality, designing a unique cover that captures the essence of your writing. With over 20 years combined experience in the design and illustration industry, we are highly skilled at turning abstract concepts and  into powerful and effective imagery in any genre.

Within 72 hours of placing your order,  we will send some sketch ideas, based on the answers in your survey form (for print or eBook), of how the cover would be set up.  Then after  your approval on the base sketch, we will create the final cover and resubmit it to you.  After further revisions/Final approval,  we’ll provide you with a print-ready file or a high-res JPEG file ready for upload, depending on the package chosen.

To learn more about our packages or to fill the survey form please check out our EBOOK or PRINT packages page.

You can also take a look at some of recently designed covers on our SAMPLE COVERS page.

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